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Made by Bouvet-Ladubay the second oldest producer of sparkling wine in Saumur. The company works with over 120 local growers who produce grapes with the guidance of Bouvet-Ladubay oenologists. The wine is crafted in Ladubays high-tec winery in St-Hilaire-St-Florent from the Cabernet Franc grape. Delicious notes of strawberry fruit provides complexity to a light bodied refreshing dry sparkling wine.

Apéritif or with poultry, white meat dishes & also a real pleasure with fruit desserts.

"A splendid, raspberry inflected pink sparkler from a highly reputable sparkling producer in the Loire, which although not classified as Cremant, is made in the same way."
Terry Kirby, The Independent, July 2018

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Food: Fresh Fruit Chicken Casserole 

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