3 Gin 70cl


For Zuidam Old Genever 5 year old Single Barrel only the best casks are selected after the genever has been aged for a minimum of 60 months. The Genever is distilled from the finest selection of Malted Barley, Rye and Corn. The mash of these grains is distilled three times in a pot still after a week of fermentation. This gives this Old Genever a rich base for the botanicals. The botanicals that are used in this Genever are Juniper, Liquorice root and Aniseed among several others. The Zuidam Old Genever 5 year old Single barrel is bottled from one selected cask and it is not blended with other casks. Because new or very young casks are used this results in a very special genever with very rich vanilla and toffee notes and in a really silky smooth mouth feel.

Wine Information

  • Alcohol by volume: 38%
  • Country:
  • Region:
  • Closure Type: Vinolok
  • Bottle Size:
  • Grape Variety:
  • Food:  

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